Why choose Quantum Air Fibre

Why choose Quantum Air Fibre

Lincolnshire’s Local Internet Service Provider

Headquartered at a former RAF base in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, Quantum Air Fibre was born from the requirement to provide an improved internet service to the local villages. Our reputation for fair prices and excellent speeds has resulted in Quantum Air Fibre becoming one of the fastest growing wireless internet service providers in the country, and has earned us a Gold accreditation from the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA) in recognition of outstanding user experience.

We consistently strive to bring faster, more reliable broadband to communities that are struggling to achieve suitable speeds, in addition to providing a better, cheaper service to residents unhappy with their current supplier. No matter where you’re located or what your internet requirements, we have a solution.

At Quantum Air Fibre we have a Lincolnshire-centric scope and view the growth of our network as a vital investment into the county. Through expansion of our networks – both wireless and fibre – we hope to be able to provide free connections to a number of schools and community hubs who fall within our network catchment areas. 

Where possible we recruit within the county and are passionate about promoting and driving digital talent in Lincolnshire, working with the University of Lincoln to provide opportunities to graduates. Driven by pride and passion, our team of experienced professionals use cutting edge communications equipment to ensure that our customers consistently receive the best possible service.

We want our services to be accessible to all and as such promote a fair pricing strategy, with our costs generally being lower than the majority of the big name telecommunications companies. We would love to be recognised for our WISP services by the wider tech industry for setting a high standard within the WISP industry and use the best possible equipment and installation practices as an inherent responsibility to provide the best possible service every time.

Our telecommunications products and services:

Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is a way of delivering broadband internet without wires. Instead of cable, internet signals are delivered to premises via radio waves. Quantum Air Fibre’s wireless internet packages allows us to deliver super fast, reliable broadband to rural parts of the county via a mast and receiver. This is significant as a large percentage of remote areas are restricted in their connections due to a limited and outdated infrastructure.

Full Fibre Internet

FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) provides an internet connection via a fibre optic cable that runs straight from the exchange, into a Fibre ‘Node’ and then into the home or business. Fibre Optic Cable is more reliable and capable of carrying data faster over longer distances, drastically  increasing the internet speed reaching the premises, up to 1Gbps!
Higher speeds don’t always mean higher prices. In fact, in line with the Government’s Next Generation Access scheme, we have been provided with grants to help towards the cost of new installations.

VoIP Telephony

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. All that means is a phone service over the internet instead of outdated phone lines. The name is as complicated as it gets!
Conventional phone lines are slowly being phased out and it’s likely that by as soon as 2025 all phones in the UK will use VoIP technology!

Leased Lines

Quantum Air Fibre’s leased lines, when sharing bandwidth isn’t an option! Superior speeds and uncompromisingly consistent, this connection is predominantly for businesses and for professional gamers. Our quotes are amongst the most competitive in the UK and are often similarly priced to a standard ‘Business Internet Connection’ – that makes choosing this connection an incredibly easy decision indeed.

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