What is the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

What is the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

Get the fastest and most reliable speeds for your home or business with help from Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

A full-fibre internet connection is required to access the fastest and most reliable broadband. Full-fibre connections are when then the fibre optic cable delivering the broadband is linked directly to the premise, this is known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP. By utilising this technology network speeds can be boosted to up to and over 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), therefore becoming a gigabit-capable connection. The UK Government has acknowledged both the importance of a reliable internet connection to be accessible by all residents and businesses as well as the current lack of infrastructure to deliver it to more remote, rural areas of the county through launching the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme has the strategic objective of increasing gigabit-capable coverage across the UK.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Who is eligible to use the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme fund?

  • The scheme is open to both homes and businesses who currently are unable to connect to a network with speeds above 100 Mbps, via a group scheme or two or more residents and/or SMEs joining together to share the cost of installation to their geographic area.
  • The connection should double the speed of a premises current connection and must be at least 30 Mbps.
  • Rural is defined using the agreed standard measures in the relevant part of the UK.
  • Evidence of meeting the European Commission definition of an SME will be required to be eligible for a business voucher.

Eligibility can be determined via the DCMS online postcode checker.

What is the process of get free installation of full fibre internet delivered to my property?

Agree to proceed

Before construction can begin, you will need to give confirmation to the Government that you wish to proceed. Look out for the email from the Gigabit Voucher Team. Make sure it doesn’t end up in your spam folder because until you agree the new connection your voucher can’t be issued. It will come from gigabit.vouchers@notifications.service.gov.uk with a link to their website where you’ll find the scheme terms and conditions. If you confirm that you are happy with them Quantum Air Fibre will receive confirmation that you wish to be included in the installation of the fibre network.

Wait for connection

We will keep you informed about delivering your new service and will confirm when we have made the connection. We will then inform the Gigabit Voucher team as soon as you have a gigabit-capable broadband connection.

Validate your connection

Look out again for the second email from the Gigabit Voucher team from gigabit.vouchers@notifications.service.gov.ukbecause this time you will be asked to confirm that the new service has been connected and that you are happy with your new broadband speed. As soon as you have done this Quantum Air Fibre will be issued the voucher, offsetting all installation costs!

A final email from us

You will receive one final email to confirm how much your voucher was worth. As a possible follow-up, the Gigabit Voucher team may ask if they can run a spot check on your connection a short time later.

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