QConex is welcomed to the Quantum family

Air Fibre Joins Forces With Civil Engineering Firm QConex.

We are proud to announce that QConex, formerly KConex, is now part of the Quantum Group of Companies.

Aside from a small change in name, the company structure, ethos and overall operation remains unchanged. The companies look forward to working together to further their mutual goals; building high quality fibre networks in support of a Gigabit connected Britain.

This partnership – part of an acquisition by Quantum Group
of Companies – will work towards installation of a fibre-to-the-premises network across the
county, connecting 120,000 properties to internet speeds of 1Gb.

“At Quantum we have a Lincolnshire centric scope and view the growth of our network as a vital investment into the county. We want our services to be accessible to all and through working with QConex as our build partner we will be able to meet our ambitious target of connecting over 120,000 Lincolnshire properties in the next 12 months.”

Nick Hugill, Managing Director, Quantum Air Fibre

The infrastructure set-up costs for broadband services such as fibre are prohibitively
expensive. Installing the infrastructure, along with obtaining the relevant permissions to do
so, is not only costly but also time consuming. Unfortunately because of this, most of the
UK’s larger internet service providers are less likely to prioritise smaller villages and rural
communities ahead of more densely populated areas (such as cities or towns) as these are
quicker to install and therefore represent a better return on investment.

The UK Governments Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme gives eligible properties funding
towards the costs of installing broadband infrastructure and has given a glimmer of hope to
these rural communities. Utilising the funding put in place to support the cost of installing
new fast and reliable connections, Quantum Air Fibre are taking it upon themselves to cover
the remaining installation costs and offer completely free installations to their customers.

“In Quantum we found a company, and indeed a Directorship, that shares our core values and dedication to providing quality services with a consistently unerring commitment to their delivery. The decision to join the group was one that we are delighted to announce and is ultimately in the best interest of our existing and future clients as we are committed to meeting the demands of an industry which requires dedication and professionalism without compromise.”

David Swanston, Director, QConex

The benefits of this new partnership include:
● Unlike most of the big name providers, Quantum is offering free installations to its
customers by utilising the UK Governments funding dedicated to connecting rural,
poorly-connected communities and covering the remaining costs themselves.
● Rural premises who are currently unable to connect to broadband speeds above
100Mbps will have access to speeds up to and exceeding 1Gbps.
● Quantum Air Fibre promotes a competitive, fair pricing structure with fibre packages
starting from £29 per month, for 120Mbps, to £49 per month, for 1Gbps – all on a 24
month contract, with free installation and router.
● Through expansion of their networks – both wireless and fibre – Quantum Air Fibre
hope to be able to provide free connections to a number of schools and community
hubs who fall within their network catchment areas.
● Quantum are offering internet phone services with their broadband packages, from
£11.95 per month with no line rental necessary, on a 24 month contract with a
one-off £15 set up fee.

Lincolnshire premises can register their interest in connecting to the new full fibre network online here or call 03455 120 105.

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