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Take your office extension to your mobile with our new mobile app

With more and more businesses working remotely you really can bring the office with you and work from anywhere with a mobile internet connection.


Our App has a user friendly interface so you can easily make/receive phone calls, place calls on hold and transfer calls to another extension number (which of course is free if it’s on our network) or an outside telephone number.

Simply log in with your mobile credentials and use your office extension.

AirDial vs Mobile Phone

There are a number of advantage to using softphone services to conventional mobile calls.

  • The recipient of a call may feel more comfortable receiving a call from an identifiable source, i.e. a number registered to a business as a opposed to an unfamiliar mobile number
  • You don’t always want to reveal your personal contact information to a third party, using a softphone is the most discreet means of keeping your mobile contact number confidential until you deem it necessary to communicate by more personal means
  • Boost your productivity by communicating on the go, as opposed to being ‘tethered’ to a desk! Being able to communicate with added agility means that time sensitive matters can be resolved with greater efficiency
  • You’re always available – if you want to be… Within the App you can manage how calls to your softphone are dealt with when received. Too busy to talk?- Voicemail to email, or forward to a colleague

Available to download from both the App Store and Google Play

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