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We are always expanding our network to try to reach new customers, get in touch to see if you already have access to Quantum Air Fibre. Don’t worry if we’re not quite in range, we’ll make every effort to reach you if you register your interest with us.

Wireless Broadband

  • Our signal is shared among fewer customers so has a lower contention rate than cable broadband
  • Our internet is beamed directly to the customer’s address so we can provide high speed connections to anywhere, even remote rural areas
  • Symmetrical speeds – download and upload
  • UK based customer support team
  • Businesses have dedicated account manager
  • Backup connections to minimise downtime
  • Competitive prices
  • Quantum Air Fibre uses the latest technology

VoIP Solutions

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”

All that means is a phone service over the internet instead of outdated phone lines. The name is as complicated as it gets!

Conventional phone lines are slowly being phased out and it’s likely that by as soon as 2025 all phones in the UK will use VoIP technology!

Fibre to the Premises

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre To The Premises’.

This means that the fibre optic cable that provides your internet connection runs straight from the exchange, into a Fibre ‘Node’ and then into the home or business.

Fibre Optic Cable is more reliable and capable of carrying data faster over longer distances, drastically  increasing the internet speed reaching the premises, up to 1Gbps!

With FTTP, the copper cables that used to deliver the country’s internet are now obsolete, and Fibre optic cable provides 100% of the connectivity between the exchange and the home/business.

Free installations available as part of community projects.


Security Made Simple.

We offer a broad range of state of the art door entry systems

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