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Compared to 28 other European nations, the UK is in the the bottom 5 for Ultrafast connectivity. This is mainly due to the type of connections between the main UK telecommunications network and individual properties. The majority of UK homes and businesses use FTTC, with a copper cable connecting each individual property to the national fibre optic grid. This restricts broadband speeds to below 80Mbps.


The Government’s recent announcement on delivering gigabit-capable connections for new build developments will go some way to remedy this situation – as yet there are only 13% of UK homes and businesses enjoying an ultrafast FTTP connection.


In line with this directive, Quantum Air Fibre are teaming up with property developers to install fibre during construction, so that new homes can be purchased with future-proof FTTP technology already provided.


This service is provided free of charge for developments with more than 20 dwellings or commercial units.

What is FTTP?

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre To The Premises’.

This means that the fibre optic cable that provides your internet connection runs straight from the exchange, into a Fibre ‘Node’ and then into the home or business.

Fibre Optic Cable is more reliable and capable of carrying data faster over longer distances, drastically  increasing the internet speed reaching the premises, up to 1Gbps!

With FTTP, the copper cables that used to deliver the country’s internet are now obsolete, and Fibre optic cable provides 100% of the connectivity between the exchange and the home/business.


Installing FTTP during building construction saves cost and inconvenience for the home owner. New homes are already required to be constructed in a way which allows FTTP to be installed.

  • Future-Proof Technology
  • Competitive Monthly Rates for Fibre Supply
  • Full Compatibility with other Fibre Providers
  • Short Waiting Lists for Installations


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This service is provided free of charge for developments with more than 20 dwellings or commercial units. For customers who do opt to switch broadband suppliers after the 24-month initial contract, our fibre technology is fully compatible with the other major providers, however we’re confident that our competitive rates will encourage most to stay with us for the long-haul!

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