Fibre for Existing Communities

What is FTTP?

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre To The Premises’.

This means that the fibre optic cable that provides your internet connection runs straight from the exchange, into a Fibre ‘Node’ and then into the home or business.

Fibre Optic Cable is more reliable and capable of carrying data faster over longer distances, drastically  increasing the internet speed reaching the premises, up to 1Gbps!

With FTTP, the copper cables that used to deliver the country’s internet are now obsolete, and Fibre optic cable provides 100% of the connectivity between the exchange and the home/business.

Why Quantum?

Unfortunately, most of the UK’s larger internet service providers are less likely to be able to provide smaller villages and rural communities with FTTP Broadband at this stage.

This is because larger towns, cities and more built-up areas generally have a larger population and greater needs for faster internet- i.e larger businesses would take priority, placing smaller communities and villages lower down in terms of connectivity requirements.

Quantum philosophy means that we’re working from the outside in – helping rural communities (who need it the most!) first.

Lower Prices + Higher Speeds = Happy Customers

At Quantum Air Fibre,we believe that everybody should have access to the fastest, most reliable internet out there.

Our packages start from only £29.00 pcm for a whopping 120Mbps!

More for Less!

Higher speeds don’t always mean higher prices. In fact, in line with the Government’s Next Generation Access scheme,we have been provided with grants to help towards the cost of new installations.

We aim to take full advantage of these grants, therefore reducing the installation costs per customer down to £0.00!

With a minimum speed of 120Mbps vs. the national average of 64Mbps, we believe in ‘More for Less’.

Contact our friendly Access To Fibre team today, and let us help you and your community embrace faster, more reliable internet.

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