Dialer & TPS Service

Integrated dialer and telephone preference service


An integrated dialer that runs as part of the Hosted Telephony platform

This can be combined with the data that you upload being checked by our online TPS and CTPS service. This checks the data against the TPS database to ensure that your customer is not calling numbers that are barred. This is particularly useful for outbound sales orientated call centres making calls to domestic households and businesses trying to sell goods over the phone or booking appointments for field based staff.

Call Handling Made Simple

Our telecom dialer is classed as network friendly so waits for an agent to log into a campaign, the dialer then calls the agent and when the agent picks up this call the dialer then makes the outbound call, this alleviates against instances such as ghost calling which is when the person being called has picked up the phone and there is no agent connected at the other end. 

Data Management & Monitoring

Our telecom dialer delivers a more efficient way of using your data as it is less likely to be churned through quickly and you can be assured all numbers will be called by your marketing team. The agents within the call centre have the ability to score each call that has been placed, this is done at the end of each call by pressing predetermined keys on the telephone keypad.


These scoring options could be booked/sold, do not call this person back, re-queue the call, blacklist this number from future campaigns or a custom option tailored to your business. The Managers console allows the ability to listen to calls for booked or sold appointments (if call recording is activated), and they can also push the successfully booked meeting request out to field agents via Gmail or alternative calendar integration.

TPS/CTPS Service - Preventing Unsolicited Sales and Marketing Calls

The telephone preference service is a list that any business or domestic household or mobile user can register to for free to block calls from telemarketing companies and businesses that are trying to book appointments to sell their goods or services over the phone.


There are a reported 26 million numbers now registered on the TPS database. Businesses that call out and choose to ignore the governance of this register can be severely punished by way of fines being imposed by the TPS body, the fines levied can be anything up to hundreds of thousands of pounds for persistent offenders.


Our service allows you to upload your marketing list into our platform which is then automatically checked against the TPS database, the numbers that are registered are shown as numbers that cannot be called therefore do not get routed by the dialer. We check your database twice a day to ensure the accuracy of your data and more importantly to ensure your business does not breach the law.

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