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About Us | Quantum Air Fibre

A hybrid Internet Service Provider, offering both wired and wireless telecommunications solutions to the county of Lincolnshire

Humble Beginnings

Headquartered at a former RAF base in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, Quantum Air Fibre was born from the requirement to provide an improved internet service to local villages.

Our reputation for fair prices and excellent speeds has resulted in Quantum Air fibre becoming one of the fastest growing wireless internet service providers in the country.

Growing Strong

Since then we have grown quickly into a fully-fledged hybrid ISP – offering both wired and wireless telecommunication solutions –  including full-fibre symmetrical broadband with speeds up to (and exceeding) 10 Gigabits per second!

Our ambition to bring faster, more reliable broadband to communities and businesses that are struggling to achieve suitable speeds has remained the same; in addition to providing a better, cheaper service to people unhappy with their current supplier.

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